What you can do: don’t buy products tested on animals

29 Dec

Many of us have heard about cosmetics being tested on animals; some of the methods used are pretty horrifying. While some practices have been banned, animal testing is alive and well. Animal testing certainly isn’t necessary; many companies don’t use the practice.

Animal rights organization PETA doesn’t have the best reputation (they’re a little combative for my taste), but they do publish some handy lists of companies that do and do not test on animals.  Here is the link where you can search for cruelty-free companies.  I was quite surprised to see the extensive list of companies to DO test on animals.  I have several of these products in my house!  I plan to download the PDF lists onto my smartphone so I have it available to me when I go shopping.

For more information on animal testing, check out this article from PETA.


One Response to “What you can do: don’t buy products tested on animals”

  1. animaltranslation December 30, 2011 at 4:36 pm #

    Great tip! I wonder if you have the same laws that we in the UK have with respect to this issue (explained in my post http://wp.me/p23ypS-21). It’s worth looking into, as if you do, the only think you can really do is buy products that are marketed as using only natural ingredients (as the same testing laws don’t apply to these products, at least not in the UK) or simply not wear makeup!

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