1 May

Hello everyone! One of my favorite hobbies is sewing. I love being able to create any garment I want at a price I can afford. Sure, you can buy cheap, poor quality clothes from discount stores, but my handmade clothes are of much better quality. As an added bonus, making your own clothes means you are not supporting companies that use sweatshop labor. Sure, they’re giving people jobs, but they could choose to provide them better pay and working conditions.

Many in the sewing community participate in Me-Made-May, when participants wear only handmade clothes.  Since I do have some ready to wear (RTW) clothes in my closet (and my attempts at making underwear have been unsuccessful), I’m going to be participating in the “Lite” version of Me-Made-May. This means I will be wearing at least one me-made garment per day instead of the whole outfit. I will try to post some of my favorite outfits throughout the month.

I hope this encourages some of you to give sewing a try! To that end, I have started a Facebook group, Sewing Help for Beginners, and a Twitter feed, @sewinghelp

C.S.I: Sewing

C.S.I: Sewing (Photo credit: ♪Misato)

. My favorite online sewing forum is Stitcher’s Guild– do check it out! Sewers are the nicest people!


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