About Crafty Citizen

I’m a social worker by profession, a mother of 3 girls, and a prolific crafter.  I make things almost every single day.  I love making things for many reasons: to save money, to show my kids an alternative to relying on what’s commercially available, to get a custom item that suits my needs, feed my family foods that are not ridden with unhealthy ingredients, and to rely just a little less on overseas labor, much of which employs workers who are mistreated.  My goal is to encourage others to make more things even if they think they’re not creative or talented enough.

And it’s not about being perfect, having no carbon footprint (or fully understanding what that means), or living in a commune hippie-style.  It’s about doing your best to live a life that does not harm other people, animals, or the earth.  It’s about taking small steps to living a healthier life.  It’s about teaching our children the values that are important to us and leading by example.  I hope you’ll join me on my quest to do just that and learn some things yourself.


-Nikki, the Crafty Citizen


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