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Self-Made Bow Card Tutorial

9 Nov

In gearing up for the holiday season, I’ve been coming up with gift packaging ideas to offer in my shop to go with my products.  Bows are small, and I haven’t really seen any good packaging options for just one or two bows.  Little ones would fit into a small cardboard jewelry box, but when I searched online for packaging for my bigger bows I came up empty.  Mass-produced bows come on bow cards, but I’ve only seen 2-3 types for sale and in only black or white.  I decided to make my own cards, sized just for my products and in a variety of colors.


Would you like to know how I made them?  If you have a Silhouette Cameo, you can make them as well!

I started by ungrouping this design to obtain the hanging slot at the top.  I then drew a curved rectangle.  In case you’re new to Silhouette Studio, the red arrow in the screenshot below points to that tool:


To make the little slots that the clips are inserted in, use the regular rectangle tool:


It’s that simple!  The next step was to size them to fit my products.  I made them slightly bigger than the bows and also sized to fit as many of a single style on a page.  The screenshots show one of each, but I also created files for each style with several to a page.  To do that, you have to know how to group.  This was tricky for me to get the hang of.  You need to select the entire card and select “group.”  Then click somewhere else on the screen, and then click on the design to select it, then copy (CTRL-C).  Open a new file then paste (CTRL-V).  You can then use the “replicate” option in the “Option” menu to duplicate the design several times until the page is filled.

So, there you go!  If you make your own bows and other accessories, you can make cards for all of your bows and other accessories and in any colors you want!  You can also add a label with your business name, logo and URL and you’re all set for a craft show!

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